Mission, Vision & Values


The Center for Ethical Leadership in Media provides research, education, ideas and leadership for a safe, fair and sustainable news media. 


Safe, fair and dignified media workplaces translate into content that informs and engages citizens, therefore fostering a healthy democracy.  


  1. Forward-looking: We are founded in a desire to create positive change for the future generation of journalists and find solutions that will address all the issues of parity and equality for all people, including abuse of power and harassment.
  2. Nonpartisan: Center for Ethical Leadership in the Media knows that any workforce or office in American newsrooms is comprised of individuals with different points of views, cultures and political perspectives. Center for Ethical Leadership in the Media is non-discriminatory and nonpartisan. Our media relations and social media efforts will be balanced to reach out to a wide variety of audiences.
  3. Respectful: We believe members of the modern workforce have shared values of integrity, common humanity and fairness, and in this spirit we will work together to achieve our mission.
  4. Welcomed and Valued: We believe that only through effective collaboration with stakeholders from various viewpoints can positive change occur in the workplace, and will seek out and listen to and attempt to incorporate ideas from persons with
    varied backgrounds and experiences within our own organization. We believe newsrooms should be reflective of America and are committed to supporting a democratic public.
  5. Educational: We believe in empowering the public with knowledge on sexual harassment and abuse of power, as well as other unhealthy workplace behaviors and practices as a means to understand the issues and then to effect change.
  6. Integrity: We will do and say what we believe to be the right and ethical things. We will keep our word and be honest in all our dealings.
  7. Compassion: We understand that many good people are suddenly feeling unsure about appropriate behaviors when interacting with colleagues, and we seek to create safety for them by being a source of education for all people on the topic.
  8. Solutions-Oriented: We are committed to identifying and solving core problems within the workplace that have enabled bad behavior and “toxic” workplace cultures. This includes researching and analyzing the status of women in American newsrooms today, so we can seek out the areas that need specific improvements.
  9. Data-Driven: We seek to use quality data in our research, decisions and industry solutions to ensure we are unbiased and precise in our approach; we won’t let personal experience or bias cloud the results of data-driven findings.
  10. Commitment to Excellence: We will deploy industry best practice and seek outside advice and expertise to produce the best work possible. Any content developed will adhere to journalistic standards.

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